Administrative Council

The Administrative Council (AC) is charged with management and administration of the FMEQ. It can therefore be called upon for all matters relative to administration, as well as financial and human resource management.

The functions and responsibilities of the Administrative Council include:

  1. To adopt policies aiming to better the management of the Federation;
  2. To adopt financial statements and see to the sound management of the Federation’s funds;
  3. To manage salaried personnel of the Federation
  4. To manage all things pertaining to the Federation’s sponsors and partners.

The AC is composed of six administrators elected during the annual congress. They seat alongside four members of the Executive Council, namely the President, the Secretary General, the Finances and Human Resources delegate and the Services and Partners delegate. The AC convenes at least once a semester to better its effectiveness.

Here is the Administrative Council for the 2016-2017 year composed of

The six (6) following Administrators:

  1. David-Alexandre Galiano of  Mcgill University
  2. Justin Desroches of Mcgill University
  3. Xin Mei Liu of McGill University
  4. Alexandre Rolland-Déry of Université Laval
  5. David-Dan Nguyen of Mcgill University
  6. Nicolas Fournier of Université Laval

The four (4) following officials from the Executive Council:

  1. Samuel Bergeron, President of the FMEQ;
  2. Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, Finance and Human Resources delegate of the FMEQ;
  3. Stéphane Cormier, Services and Partners delegate of the FMEQ;
  4. Cédric Lacombe, Secretary General of the FMEQ.